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Caliche is good as toothpaste.
Started: 26 Dec 2007 06:55 PM - Last Post: OldSkewl

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Caliche is good as toothpaste. - posted: 26 Dec 2007 06:55 PM
With some of the things I have put in my body, my "morning breath" some times takes a life of its own. I'm saying that cat crap would be an vast improvement. One time, when I was ever-so-rudely awakened by a police officer and a couple of EMTs, I had a mouth full of caliche. It's a free country. Who says I can't sleep in the middle of this construction site? Darwin who?

What I had found out, on my way to the drunk tank, was that if I sprinkled some caliche in my mouth and rubbed my finger on my teeth, then my morning breath woes were a thing of the past. Talk about a blessing in disguise.

I don't understand why cops are so uptight about where a guy passes out. It's not like the guy intended to pass-out on the toilet in the women's bathroom in Sears. He was just minding his own business drinking in his garage with his dog, Roscoe. Just then, the idea hit him like a mule-kick in the nuts. What this place needs is a skylight. He is not an idiot. It wasn't like he was going to just bust a hole in the roof of his garage. He was a planner. He had to get supplies.

After getting back from the T&C with a 12-pack of Lone Star, he got to work. Admittedly, the work was a bit more than expected, but it wouldn't be worth anything if it were easy. In hindsight, the post hole digger was not the tool of choice for this job, but you have to be able to adapt on a moments notice.

He needed some more tools for the job. After selling some plasma to get some more beer, he went to the nearest Sears for those Craftsman tools. If you are going to steal some tool, you should make sure they are good ones. Once the security is assessed, it is just a matter of timing and endurance when the chase begins. He wasn't up for a good chase with a full badder. He calculated the odds of pissing in the store and grabbing some tools at the same time, but he thought better of the bold idea. That was his mistake. If he had pissed on a lawnmower on the floor, then he wouldn't have gone into the wrong bathroom and passed out. Cops are just too high-strung.