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All You Need to Know About Guinea Pigs
Started: 02 Aug 2021 10:40 AM - Last Post: pratt

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All You Need to Know About Guinea Pigs - posted: 02 Aug 2021 10:40 AM
All About Guines Pigs Info-

Guinea pigs are mainstream pets, particularly for families, generally because of their superb personalities. They are social, keep a daytime plan, and seldom chomp, in any event, when they are worried. Guinea pigs do require a huge pen and freedoms to exercise and play outside of the pen, just as an eating regimen that gives satisfactory nutrient C and roughage.

Prologue to Guinea Pigs

Overall, 6 to 8 years, weigh around a few pounds, arrive in an assortment of shadings, are extremely friendly, and make extraordinary pets for kids and grown-ups the same. Gain proficiency for certain realities about guinea pigs and what you need to consider prior to picking a guinea pig as a pet.

Guinea Pig Breeds

Did you know there is a smooth assortment of guinea pig? There are really around twelve distinct types of guinea pigs like texels, coronets, Baldwins, and that's just the beginning, which can all be sorted by their hair (or scarcity in that department).

Three guinea pigs with brown and white, all white and dark, brown and white hide sitting close to one another

The Spruce/Kristie Lee


Guinea pigs need much more space to go around than a great many people furnish them with. Enormous pens can be bought on the web or in a pet store, or a custom walled in area can be made utilizing little fencing or pens to give your cavy a lot of room to go around securely. Yet, regardless of whether you have an enormous enclosure, remember that your guinea pig will cherish some an ideal opportunity to wander about uninhibitedly.

Guinea pigs in open air red pen with wire fence open

The Spruce/Kristie Lee

Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs utilize the washroom any place they please so you will require bedding that is permeable however doesn't hurt your pet. Wood shavings used to be well known, however more data on how they can hurt pets has been found throughout the long term, particularly cedar shavings.1 Popular decisions incorporate wool, which can be bought from an art store and afterward washed and reused when it gets messy, and different sorts of paper-based little creature bedding.

Taking care of

Nutrient C is the critical fixing in a guinea pig diet. Like people and capybaras, guinea pigs can't make their own stockpile of nutrient C to meet their every day needs, so it should be provided for them. Guinea pig-safe nutrient C enhancements and unique guinea pig pellet food are sustained to assist with meeting this wholesome necessity. Additionally, guinea pigs need a lot of roughage, for example, timothy feed. Avoid sweet treats and seeds since they can cause gastrointestinal issues.