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dyed in the wool

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dyed in the wool
dyed in the wool Bio:

From the dirty Downtown Core of Hamilton, Ontario, spawns Canadian Metal act dyed in the wool. Formed in October 2001 by Max Mileski (Vocals), Norm Killeen (Drums), and Erik Pothast (Guitar), the three piece act would later recruit Derek Calligan on Bass in early 2002 to complete the primary line-up. Soon after the formation of the group, the band began to write and demo all original material for what later became dyed in the wool – The E.P. (2003).

Shortly after the completion of The E.P. the group began to cut their teeth on the local Hamilton scene. With the E.P. in hand, dyed in the wool began to grow a loyal fan base, and quickly became fan favorites of local and surrounding area club goers alike.

After playing countless shows from the summer of 2003 through to the spring of 2004, the group began pre-production for their first studio release to be simply titled – dyed in the wool. Later that same year, the group joined forces well known producer Robin Aubė (Grant Ave.Studios, Sarah Harmmer, and Chantel Kreviazuk) at his home recording studio (Robin Aubė’s Mobile Recording Studio) and began laying down tracks for the 6 song recording. Though not known for his experience in the Metal realm, Aubė’s production talents shine through out the album with warm, lush sounds, and sonic annihilation. After 2 months of recording and mixing the disc was now complete, but before its independent release, Erik Pothast parted ways with the group sighting his leaving as personal and creative differences. Not long after his departure Pothast was he replaced by Curtis Smythe (Elevator 22) in 2005, and the group carried on. In late summer of 2005 among the mist of constant showcasing, dyed in the wool uploaded 4 tracks from their newest self-titled endeavor (New Concrete, De-railed, Curbsmile, and Carboncopy) to, too which all the tracks received rave reviews, and countless awards. This prompted the group to completely self-produce a brand new track in 2006 called “Reducer” which also faired well on Garageband, and also saw the introduction of second Guitarist, and backup vocalist Bart Maslikowski (Elevator 22, Krak) to the group. In October 2005, the group officially released dyed in the wool on to the public, which fanned the flames for the bands already growing popularity and earned them a nomination from The Hamilton Music Awards in the category of “Best Loud/Metal Recording” for 2006.

Now with a solid line up, dyed in the wool are still currently active in the local club circuit, seeking management, and are concentrating their efforts on pre-production for their yet to be titled follow up to dyed in the wool scheduled for release in mid/late 2007.

The band owes its sound to many diverse influences, spanning from Jazz, Grunge, and Metal, but can better described as low end provoked grooves, with seamless odd time signatures, and “in your face” style Vocals that are comparable to that of their predecessors Mudvayne, Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad and, Despised Icon.

Dyed in the wool have shared the stage with the likes of many well known Metal acts such as, Deamon, Kataklysm, Quo Vadis, and Threat Signal.


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Produced and recorded by NME Studios, Hamilton Ontario. Copyright 2005 dyed in the wool. All Rights Reserved.    

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Recored & Produced by Robin Aube. Copyright dyed in the wool. All Rights Reserved.    

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Recorded & Produced By Robin Aube. Copyright dyed in the wool. All Rights Reserved