song comment for s kill zeta

HOT ISH - GREG 11/25/07

do it big homie - jay 08/08/07

You and Kid trell the only hot cats on here - bo 07/25/07

jay you be killin em - lil 5.0. 07/24/07

you need to get this on the radio - darren 07/15/07

This is some BET ish I know some big booty girls for the video holla. - eclectic thought 07/12/07

hot yungin - jd 07/11/07

Why you even got your music on this wack site, your songs be too hot for that. And you Fine!! mmm mmm *That Bad Chica* - That Bad Chica 07/09/07

I'm confused but... - uniclique 07/08/07

Please change your "artist website link" to your personal myspace so I may share some information about a business opportunity with you -SALLY - A&R/Sony 07/07/07

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