song comment for Wiser Time

Great song! I would swear this was a Black Crowes tune - although I know it's not. Either way, I'm downloading a version for myself and would like to say thanks! - Erik - edjgraphix 11/18/10

Wow, guys, I was taken by surprise to this one, reminds me of a Black Crowes vibe.. I enjoy...... - lococow 06/08/09

I love this track. This is really great stuff. Keep up the great work! - HerlPearl 01/21/09

this just takes me back to the glorious 70s when real music determined where you went in the musical journey.You guys are bang on the button.Great songs great playing.Good luck,you probably wont need it.It just reminds how much I loved Foghat and that whole slide guitar thing............all the best - phillip dead 05/01/08

I would like to play and promote your music on my internet radio station, please contact me asap. Thank you - Darcy 11/12/07

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