song comment for Wiser Time

Very cool! Black Crow-ish. Which ain't a bad thing. - 91LesPaul 02/25/10

Pure, authentic rock music. That's classic rock alright. Thanks for letting it be downloaded. - gertz 02/07/10

You've run past me up to position 1 in the classic rock charts. That's well earned - and I've always wondered when you'd make it again. I'm still listening to the song every once in a while, it's one of my all-time favorites! - texter-bernd 02/05/10

AWESOME! Great slide guitar work - great vocals - perfect title... Sounds like Jimmy Page joined the Black Crowes. I wanna party with you guys! - edjgraphix 01/23/10

Good old-fashioned Rock music. Gee, I love it! - texter-bernd 03/21/09

Will play your music on my internet radio me - Darcy 11/16/08

Hey guys, you sound great! I have really been enjoying this track. The recordng sounds great and you all sound like you have your chops really honed in. Keep up the great work! and let me know when you have any more material coming out, or if you are playing an gigs in the new england area anytime soon cause i would love to come see you play. Jon Ostrow MicControlBlog - Jon Ostrow 07/24/08

cracking track and sound,is it done live! - phillip dead 05/01/08

really like this song. thanks for the download! - smili2 11/29/07

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