song comment for Nushed Kruts

this tune rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss so it shud it about me haha nice work lee and gee:) u two do good work together as i know:) so keep it going never stop making tunes that rock like this see ya soon guys xxxxx - tracy 12/31/07

Hey, well this is my 1st reply, it feels so god damn good to have our songs listened too and liked, we have so many more and its a shame to let em go to waste, and we wont, i am hoping to get back together with gee ( hey dude !! ) very soon and get some more rock n roll down on cd, to me n gee having 1 positive comment is as good as 10 and we apprieciate every single word left here and on our other sites, as the music is both mine and gee's i would feel wrong to accept any offer without consulting gee, we will have a chat and get back to you (darcy) asap, unless gee already did ??. thank you for lookin and listening and keep on rocking, see u soon ; ) - woodzey 12/23/07

omg im so proud of u woodzy , well dun oth of ya xxx - tasha woodzys sis 12/16/07

I would like to promote and play your music on my internet radio station, Please contact me asap. Thank you - Darcy 11/15/07

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