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nice music but more important is the fact that the world is really in danger in opinion, peoples that think the era of power and balance of europe and usa is not fading away are blind. The economic facts in usa and europe shows we are in deep ****. These lands are in a big dept to china that have a dangerous government for the world...There is no oil in tibet but if you have some wiseness then you are dangerous for the dark ones...All these government we know for their despotism are soon ready to make war...They will make war first to the easy country to invade and then they will try to invade the planet. That's yet what they do...We are on the critical moment today. Peoples should wake up before they wake up in a jail...The jews from germany have first laughed when germany have asked them to be listed. We all know what happened next... - raphael 09/10/09

Sorry to be offensive. It is not a sermon. I thought it was just plain common sense. Look around. If you do not see that our country is in trouble, you have your head in the sand. Thanks for the message. The intent of the little blurb was not entirely religous. Russ. (Nice to meet you btw. I see your name around. - Russ Deane 09/05/09

The USA is not falling to it's knees. Maybe you are but we as a nation are not morally screwed. You'r dead wrong my friend. Stop your bull s--ting with your religous sermons! - lodato 09/04/09

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