song comment for Troy Roy

I thank you hmbuly for sharing your wisdom JJWY - CbcVvfAFfFlIGke 06/01/11

Hello Troy Roy, I love your sound, My brothers and I are Nashville songwriters, and we have a few songs that I think would fit you well!!! Send me an email and I'll send you a couple demos to listen to. Thanks....Jim Mears (the mears brothers) - jimmears 09/13/09

Hey I love your music. The jerk Andy that said you guys are bad is probably mad because his crapy music is last and not #1 Elsa - elsa 08/26/09 suck!! Man, I have half a mind to write a song just to kick your ****. #1 Country??!?!? Sounds like a horse throwing up to me. A real poor example for this website. - Andy 08/19/09

I would like to play your music on my internet radio station, please contact me asap. Thank you - Darcy 11/01/07

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