song comment for Sum Rana

cool track. you could probably condense it to about 8-9 min and get your point across. i like the prog-rock/post-rock feel, but some portions are repeated too many times, even from post-rock. the beginning riff is a good example of this. you could have just hit it once and moved on. i can't really get into the lyrics or the indie twist this song takes for about 30 sec when they come in. the change coming out of it is really cool, though. overall i think it's a pretty solid track. i would just avoid repeating things when there's no need to do so. songs get by just fine without repetition, too. best of luck to you! i'm here at UBW as well. have a listen sometime. band: Sylvan Lane solo: Audio Companion again, best of luck! - gorgatron 03/03/08

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