song comment for Got the Sick

this one will hurt his vocal cords the most i believe-needs a lot of practice and should be the last song in a performance. Nicks better to be like the singer in the used than the one in MCR- you don't want to be wavering and squeaking in alive peformance- always put yourself in the listener's position - redvellumrazor 03/22/06

badd ass song... for a band not starting too long now they're doin good as hell & i hope these guys get wat they hope for... plus i'm sure they're gonna be some famous s.o.b's some day i'm sure... oh yeah the violins on this song is great and is one of the main reasons why i like it.. nicholas u the man - guest 03/09/06

yo is me boy ravi! that tone sick! ah like de low/high sound of the riffs yuh have ah website? de artwork bad too tell laura hello too- long time no see - guest 01/13/06

Inviting.. - guest 01/12/06

this song real kick ass! - guest 01/10/06

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