song comment for The dark Side of the World

Hey, youÂ’re the goto expert. Tahkns for hanging out here. - ZOzyyaxBaQrdId 06/01/11

HOLLY **** IT'S FUCKIN **** ;/;/;/ - madree 06/29/09

Not bad tune but needs a bit of a beat to it, bit more work needed i think, felt like i was just waiting and waiting for it to kick in, only my opinion mind, other than that, good tune. - JG YOUNG 02/23/09

sweet tune!! - minusme 05/10/08

I actually found your song techno magic by accident but ive fallen in love with it. But can you make a player that starts on its own without you having to press the play button? And a replay feature would own all O_O - Josh 01/13/08

add more drum to techno magic...anyway this mix is fun but it need more variation especially with the brass sound and i don't know why but the song cutted :( - ppbppb 07/04/07

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