song comment for Tammy Bick

I would like to play your music on my internet radio station, Please contact me asap. Thanks - Darcy 01/05/08

Hi, thanks for your comments..just had a listen to your tunes..really like reflections, excellent riffs there..and silence, cool lyrics stephen - guest 11/18/05

I love your vocal harmonies. This song is great. Did you write the lyrics and the music? I totally love both and i feel the emotions in it all. Erick's solo is amazement itself. - admin 10/16/05

I love it ! This is a great tune, I'm not crazy about the lead singer, but the music is awsome as well as the harmonies. A Driving force of a tune! - admin 09/14/05

this kicks arse big time, i like it. - admin 08/13/05

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