song comment for TC

The lyrics are tight but like the person said just try to get some reverb on the vocals. Just keep doing what u doing. - guest 05/22/06

Good song, try adding a little touch of reverb to the vocals. - admin 12/16/05

Hi, i just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful talent and to tell you how much we appreciate your music. I am the excutive manager of "Just To Us Entertainent" and we just love independent artists who are trying their best in this difficult industry. It is our duty to encaurage and uplift each other and this is the reason why we are inviting you to join us for our grand independent music appreciation fest in June 2006. It is a grand independent music award show, featuring very important persons from the music business. This could be your chance of a lifetime!. For more information, please contact us at Sincerely, Edith G. - guest 11/21/05

i am so proud of u. this song is really good, tc! the vocals in fake seem to be stronger than this one though but nonetheless, it is good - guest 09/30/05

fab hunni!!! keep em cumin n copy 2 cd 4 me babe!! luv ya xx - guest 09/29/05

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