song comment for Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions

Hi Gary, this is the first time i've heard your stuff & I love it, clever blues sort of J J Cale but different. Grest music - Ron Bowdery 08/20/11

DAMN, after hearing the other junk being passed off as BLUES thsi is a breath of fresh air. Original, great playing, all instruments REAL, Musicians (that's just shocking this day and age of HIPHOP bilge). GREAT BLUES SONG!!! - SmasherJ 12/23/07

This BEST authentic blues tune!! I loev the lament and cool slide - sounds like a Naitonal Steel. I listened to the other stuff and was blown away wit this change of genre, unsuspected adn very pleasantly surprised. The rest of the tunes - actually, equally outstanding! Love the set!!! - Larry 11/26/06

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