song comment for Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions

thanks to write yours views on song description and i can almost understand all the lyrics, very fresh and cool song, i can feel it, good production job too...what can i say...just cool and smart ! PPB - red455 01/03/11

strange arrangement but the song works for me,,, like the story and the thirs person POV. Players are really fine, exceptional guitar work here, the vocals fit the song perfectly. I give it a 8 out of 10 - SmasherJ 11/14/07

Thanks JB, apprecaited!! Still playing, but mostly solo, accustic these days. I've moved up to Park City, UT to ski race and the band stayed in Los Angeles. We'll get back together some day, the bug is still there. Have written a few new songs but have not recorded anything for a LONG time. - gjdranow 01/15/07

Best of the set. The whole set, however, has something to offer. Found this to be some of the most compelling efforts on USBW. Are you still playing or writing?? - Jb 11/25/06

I like this song a lot. It is nothing new lyrically, but I like the new chipper delivery of the message. - guest 07/15/06

song is ok ..about as alternative as my right nut though, more like easy listening or country or... XXXX - admin 07/11/06

I love the feel :D, and the intro - admin 05/25/06

Fabulous song! As I check out tunes on my forum from time to time I caught this one. I've listen to it again and again. Catchy but unusual and very, very good muscianship (unlike much of the junk that is is on the web). Going to check out the rest of their stuff! Real players and real music for those that still care . . . - guest 06/27/05

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