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I am on the selfsame forum which provided the inspiration for this song. Just like these things tend to get, there was a period of bitching, backstabbing pettiness adding a touch of 'virtual' reality to this online version of the now sadly demolished Broughton High School (that's Secondary Modern to all you crumblies!). James was giving & taking some proper stick in his bid to get everyone back on friendly terms: he then weighed in with 'No Forum Decorum'. It was the perfect response. It's a minefield of euphemisms set to a 'country-by-numbers' chord structure: a celebration of some of the forum's 'characters' that gently taunts those who were hell-bent on ruining what is now a rich source of local history, both oral & pictorial. Whether it was as effective as my campaign of menacing private messages is debatable. However, 'No Forum...' provides the listener with an insight into the mind of a man who thinks in 4/4 time, and whose songs are like irregular entries in some long-forgotten journal. Never short of inspiration, this lad. Stylistically strong: it's essential to keep your feet and your head in his presence, lest you become immortalised in his acoustic tapestry of love and protest. Mike Roberts: aka Robo, aka Mabs - Whisperin' & Hollerin' ( - Mabs 03/19/07

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