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I actually love it....Sooo good. - guest 03/18/06

Glad to see Jimmy is still singing. I saw him quite a lot with Supanova. Jimmy was a friend of a friend, supanova let us do our first live peformance when they had a half time break at one of their gigs in Salford we just plugged our guitars in to their amps and did a few numbers. I remember at the time Jimmy had a girlfriend with a most unusual laugh, a room full of people would turn around to see where this noise was coming from, Jimmy however didn't bat an eye! Happy days. - guest 03/18/06

Another gem of a tune from the jamtastic James Herring-this one has a stong chorus hook, and some very garbled intentions, as the distinctive guitar stylo winds its way around the poetry within. this is a mature songwriter at work, using the acoustic genre to reflect upon and record memories, episodes, and experiences. One of the thousands of hidden talents in the home of rock n roll, and one to watch, as the singer/songwriter vogue returns to the rainy city. Get your fookin sorry arse out of the arndale, and give this one a listen! - admin 03/13/06

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