song comment for The Vainglorious

The track is brilliant, leave it as it is, has a great acoustic feel to it! - Outcast Radio 10/19/10

You are a very lucky man. I'd give anything to have a voice like that. A beautiful song here...stick with it. You deserve to be heard. kallen - Keith 10/05/10

Nice song. - lodato 01/18/10

Hiya, although the song is very good, the guitar is great... So is your voice, don't go changing your style to fit in with the crowd... It's raw talent :) and I was also wondering, if there's any chance that I could use your song in a video for youtube. it'll get you more fans, I'll make sure it's all your name... not mine, and so on... Much appreciated Daryl. - Daryl Burnikell 12/30/09

great tune, good job - matt999tye 01/14/07

Brilliant again BUT the voice isn't working think the reverb has flattened too much. I'm sorry it's not working. The guitaring is good. You need to work on the voice section in comparison to the other tracks you've done. - admin 09/16/06

This is a really amazing track. Is there anyway I can get it on cd?!?! - guest 12/10/05

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