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if i ever go to a college fraternity party i want you guys there - wow - had to get up and dance around - fantastic - put me in mind of Prince...great guitar work - geomc 01/06/11

I think maybe try this piece in Rock genre. It has that vibe and it derserves to be heard by more people. Tight is all I can say. I has to be a live recording. If not, I don't know how you pulled it off. - lodato 09/29/09


Groove is awsome! So funky makes me wanna dance! You guys should check out You are so prefect for the competition! Later B - Bodog 04/12/07

fwiw, imho the guitar parts work great with the song. - admin 04/13/06

I really like the 'groove' of groove. The song has a great rhythmic melody and is a bit of a departure from many of your other songs. I like the harmonies you use during the chorus, very well done!!! - guest 12/27/05

music brilliant but i feel guitarist although extremely talented- needs to stop being so guitar wank. a little out of era. otherwise fucking brlliant. thanks - guest 12/21/05

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