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Hey Dude it's Camwin from the Jester Forums. I am in awe of your ability and knowledge of M2. This has awesome atmosphere and your imagination in every tune really shows. You use reverb and echo effects really well. Hope all is good and keep em comin' mate Cam - Camwin 12/28/06

...again, nice! rl - guest 06/30/06

again a great atmospheric piece of music. It is building up great, sometimes it reminds me a bit of a kinda Joe Satriani sphere ( allthough there is not much guitar in it ) Again you managed to keep all different sounds in place, a big applause for that. - admin 10/21/05

I really dig the Album cover made me want to play this tract straight away. The sound it not bad as well could be some very interesting music - guest 10/15/05

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