song comment for Beki Upham

Wow! I'm so impressed Beki...what a great song..and beautifully sung too! For someone of your tender years the only way is up for you, young lady. Reminds me just a little of Vanessa Paradis. Some, like you are just gifted with talent. Do some are definitely going in the right direction. Good luck with your project. kal - Keith 01/26/11

A lovely song, best of luck Becky, hope you reach number 1 - Jen MacMillan 01/25/11

there is a pure young talented girl already at her age can create a beautiful song like that, imagine what she be capable of with the right backing and support from the music industry what she could be producing in a few years time because you can all see she has natural talent for this and just needs a helping hand. good luck beki x x absolutely beautiful song . - terri 01/25/11

Nice little twee song that could be played at the Local High School Concert and cause no offense and get a round of appulause from Grandma. - bULGARIANbEAT 01/24/11

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