song comment for Anthony Cavazos

Saw this You Tube song pictured on the Fox and Goose Facebook page in advert of your the December 2011 Sacramento event. ( Nice picture. You never age. Still charming. ) Snowflakes are like that. Individual and Timeless. --- So. Lake Tahoe - 968 Park Avenue 12/16/11

Moist today downtown Sacramento. Rain falls softly to the subtle beat of this song on our Holiday play list. We munch on carrots while the turkey cools down. Happy Thanksgiving Anthony. Time for a glass of wine. - 11-24-11 11/24/11

A very happy musical New Year 2 U. - Tiny Dancer 2011 01/01/11

great...may use it for uni project to make album cover....let u sknow if u wan2 check it out - MONO69 10/12/10

Three thoughts... # 1. ) Love the imagery of the train in this song. # 2. ) The line, " The Power of One can be bright like the Sun when that One is You, " is amazing Anthony, my compliments. # 3. ) This song is a wonderful tribute to anyone who has ever wanted to make a difference, take up their flashlight, walk through the darkness unselfishly. Your song is mature. Congratulations. - Rachel 09/12/10

Love the lyrics. Quiets my soul. - jennifer Reich 09/03/10

Have listened to this one over and over... Brilliant. There can't be enough songs about love and friendship. ( The person who puts me first, does for me what is best for me, even when I don't see it... is the person who loves me. ) Amazing. Amazing song Anthony. - Rachel 09/02/10

As my Father is in the hospital, and I am about to lose him, the phrase, " Why pretend, you saved me again, " sounds so dear. Such a great song Anthony. - April 08/30/10

This song makes me cry. - Anonymous 08/24/10

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