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A Completely Obvious, Blatant Fan Promo is entered here as follows, copied from, " The Noe Valley Voice. " ( An endearing SUNDAY afternoon Holiday Music Event. ) DECEMBER 18th, 2011 ** ANTHONY CAVAZOS ** plays acoustic guitar and sings at the East Parklet, near Martha & Bros. Coffee. 3-5 pm. ( Yum, coffee. ) The exact address for your Mapquest is: ** 3868 24th Street, San Francisco, CA. ** Expect some candy canes !! - 968 Park Avenue 12/17/11

This is my FAVORITE of your songs. Just so happens that, " I know Who I Am, " is something I say and write about myself lots and lots. ( Even put this statement on my Facebook profile, 2007-2008. ) AMAZING melody. In other words, THANKS. So nice to hear this growth in you. Congratulations. - Calisky13smom 08/12/11

To Note: ( An Update ) According to the internet, this song selection won category ** BEST PERFORMANCE ** West Coast Songwriter's Competition, San Francisco, CA Chapter, April 2011. We are all so proud of you Anthony !! ( Your Sacramento, CA. Fans ) Congratulations times 1,000. Seriously proud of you. -- Rachel, friends and family. - Rachel 05/03/11

Great tune. Has all the nice merits of a great mellow jazz tune. Not really pop OMHO. Nice vocal delivery as well. -rl - lodato 12/23/10

Does anyone care if he means it or not ?! Grow up bULGARIANbEAT of 12/20/10. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ?! - Cecilia 12/23/10

Dearest bULGARIANbEAT of 12/20/10. Sometimes life is slow and boring... Songs are about life. You sound like the kind of person who never sees the one red rose in a field of lillies. Me, I can always spot it. That doesn't mean I pick it up and take it home with me. This music is adorable. If I knew you and you were talking about Anthony like this in front of me, I might have to kick your **** and/or conveniently forget how to resusitate you when you present to my ER. And BTW, while you are checking IP addresses, get with the spell check. THANKS. - Number One Nurse 12/23/10

Return Comment to bulGARIANbeat of 12/20/10. Please, go get some help for yourself. April - April 12/22/10

My partner says . Slow and boring . No emotion . I say " good microphones and equipment wasted on guy who does not mean it . YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN,WHACK ;) - bULGARIANbEAT 12/20/10

This song GROWS on me, reminds me that all relationships require effort, nurturing. Having Love and having a relationship are two different things. Well done. I appreciate your insights... (Thanks for sharing.) - Rachel 10/17/10

Perfect song for a car trip, hanging at home, relaxing with friends wth wine. Can't wait for the album - Jennifer Reich 09/03/10

May I please say this again ??! This is a perfect song. Anthony, so talented. You are a gift to music. - April 08/29/10

Can see myself relaxing by the fire to this soulful song. I enjoy how the melody, acoustic guitar, and your voice softly flow! - Kathy W 08/29/10

Love the words !! Very special, agreed dreamy. Sweet voice. - Cecilia 08/29/10

This is a really cool song. I've listened to it a few times now and I find myself just kind of grooving to it if you know what I mean. Love it! - Kelley 08/29/10

Insightful, dreemy, delicious music Anthony. Happy be lated Birthday, 2010. - Anonymous 08/24/10

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