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not so original but sounds cool and pass well in my ears...this is a good trance song...yes i can think to an eclipse...your trance style is like is almost all trance track : dark...not meaning this is bad...a really good track ! - red455 04/01/11

I like this. Plays well with ears. - lodato 11/20/10

You are 100% correct, old equipment is more than capable of producing results, My sh101 was picked up off eBay for £35 it wasn't working, it needed a fuse! Shouldn't making music be about the person who makes it, being happy with it, and if others like it, then that's a bonus... Does music have to be about sales? - Eclipseuktrance 11/18/10

If your really interested . I use 1/2 inch Tascam from 1980 , with a ex BBC 16 track valve mixer from the bbc Radio Phonics workshop circa 1967 - 69 . Berhinger 24 effects fex 800 , Rane dc24 controller / limiter , red drum microphones with a red mini mixer , 4 shure microphones , two condenser Red condenser microphones which I bought as Bargin Bucket with some extras , the best is I use Audacity free ware as the final mix on my laptop . My last Artist sold 16 million . Thec point is you do not need much to make a good sound . Just make a good sound and put yourself about even if it means upseting the old farts . - BulgarianBeat 11/17/10

In reply to BulgarianBeats comments: Ha, comments taken on board, though youre timing is a little out, tong peaked mid 90's, and I do wish I was younger... but know what I know now. I do a lot of remix work under another name, this is pure self indulgance :) No Magix Software used here, but then know that don't you? 27inch i5 16gb imac running Logic Pro. External Synths: Virus ti2/b, V-Synth Gt, Dsi Mopho Keys,Triton Extreme, Sh101, JP8000 ;), JV1080, CZ3000,DX7,Juno 106, OB12, and lets not forget trance industry standard -> JP8000 ;) Whilst the above get a lot of use, everything in this track was created using Ultrabeat, ES1, and ES2 in Logic 8, and took about 9 hours, including the sound programming. - Eclipseuktrance 11/17/10

THIS IS A SHARED OPINION !!! I would have been excited about this 25 years ago . In Ibiza in Spain we would dance all night to Pete Tong . Now it is the Cliche for 14 year olds with no music ability and old men who wish they were younger . Welcome to the World of Magix Software . - BulgarianBeat 11/17/10

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