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Hello, thanks alot for letting us use it. And okay we'll make it a suprise for you then. We have to have it finished by christmas and were going to be filming in 2 weeks time so ill send you it as soon as its edited and finished. And thanks again. Katie Romney. - Katie Romney 11/27/09

Hi there, firstly id like to say thank you very much. Secondly i'd be delighted if you would use my song "Shine your Light" I dont really have any ideas myself and im sure whatever you both come up with will be excellent. Any ideas you do have feel free to let me know or if you'd rather leave it till your finished as a nice suprise for me, i leave that upto you. This is really good and im very excited to see the completed video. Thank you both very much. Paul Coulson. - cully 11/24/09

Hello, We are currently doing a media course at college and we have been asked to produce a music video for an unsigned artist. After listening to your track, Shine your light, we would like to ask you if we could use this track for our media project. If you do allow us to use this song, is there any ideas that you would have in the video and we would try and use them, also we have already come up with some great ideas ourselves which we would like to pitch to you. This could be a great opportunity for you,as if all goes well you will be able to use the video in the future for your own needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Becky Foley and Katie Romney - Becky foley, Katie Romney 11/24/09

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