song comment for Among the Thirsty

a.m.a.z.i.n.g. God has gifted you so much, thank you! - zyx83 04/28/11

this song is truly moving and it is one of my favorite christian songs - Tamara Gatlin 01/30/11

I truly Love this song! It is my favorite! Everytime it comes on the radio I just have to turn it up as loud I can and praise the Lord! I have dedicated this to my youngest son also who is going through a very diffacult time in his life right now. Thank you so Much This song is a true Blessing!! - Wendy 01/09/10

I love this song. It is my favorite song and i feel blessed every time i here it. When it plays everything else pauses. Thank you and thank God for a wonderful song. - melissa johnson 08/05/09

I need a Savior is a Powerful and Awesome worship song,all the words spoken are what is in my heart as well, I know this song is going to touch many , many lives May Our Lord Richly Bless You all..Always and Blessings Tina - Tina Moore 08/05/09

I heard this song and had to have it. I visited all of the local christian book stores and they did not have it nor were they able to get it. Thank God I found your website and perordered my copy. We are working with a youth group where we do sign language and interpretive movements to christian music as a ministry to others. I can't wait to get it. I just loved this song. God Bless You All. - Christina 08-01-09 - Christina 08/01/09

LOVE THIS SONG!!!! My the 2nd time I heard it, I was singing it out loud in my mini-van & the people in front of me were staring, but I didn't care! (My boys are used to mommy singing in the car :) We are here to give glory to God, and this song does exactly that. The second verse is such a blessing to us. NO MATTER WHAT, His name is still JESUS, WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, MY FRIEND...My mother-in-law was just diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer on Monday, but we know that God is not shaken! We praise Him through it all. He is in control! Thanks for this great song! - Melissa Black 07/29/09

i absolutely adore this song. one can automatically tell that it was written purely to worship God and thats what i love about it so much. this song allows a car ride to become worship! i really really would like to be able to sing this song at church Sunday but cannot find it anywhere! i really wish there was some way! I feel like it could really minister and become a worshipful experience for my church. - Emily Moncrief 07/24/09

Heard thi ssing fo rthe first time today and absolutely loved it. - Christine 07/16/09

Thank you for singing this very beautiful. Please pray for my brother....he is an alcoholic....50 and had has nothing...and it looks like he wants to die......pray that he will hear this song. - Frances 07/14/09

I absolutely love this song. I have heard it twice and it is quickly becoming my favorite song right now. I look for songs to speak to me and to God from me about how I feel toward Him and this hits the spot! - Tracy Lewis 07/13/09

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