song comment for Brian J. Bodnar

Independent Videos that get to go on national TV. LOOKING FOR YOU!!... Submit your music videos to be on national TV! Must be unsigned. Please visit iVideez com to Sign Up - pashan 04/16/12

Hello, My name is JonathanK and I am a member of the One Condoms street team. I came across your music and I really think that you would be a great fit for a new program called "Listen to One" One will provide you with an online profile at OneCondoms(DOT)com that showcases your music and includes upcoming concerts and links to your web site. You will also receive condoms and merchandise featuring your logo that you can give away at your shows. In exchange, all you need to do is permit One to use one of your songs a limited number of times for promotional purposes. If you're interested, please visit onecondoms(DOT)com/listen. Click on the link labeled "Score free product for your band," and don't forget to let them know that I referred you. Thanks, - JonathanK 01/12/12

A very suggestive song! Something like Stanley Kubrick in music. Cool dramatic. I'll definitely take it into my library. If you'd like some more promotion of your music and get your songs into a very powerful database which includes internet radio stations, look up for "Sombrero MPG music promotion software" on the internet, download the FREE "Sombrero MPG" software to your computer and run the "SombreroMPG_Setup.exe". You can upload all songs that you have made so far, people would be really happy to see you share your tracks. Looking forward to see you there! - vidyps_79 07/29/09

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