song comment for Just Six Spaces

This is a really good song and so is the other one. I bet you will go far in this and I'll be waiting for your first album :) - Danica Merendino 02/13/12

Make more songs (: you guys are absolutely AMAZING and i believe that you will make it big time hopefully in the near future. if its any assurance i'd be buying all of your albums and so would my mates. hehe we love you guys. MadyRose xx. - MadyRose 07/17/10

Wow! Your song is awesome and I'm in a trance from the time it starts to the moment it ends! Are you signed yet? I'll be checking back in for your next song. - Twilight 01/17/09

Very good guys. You have a good blend of heart-felt lyrics and melody. I look forward to hearing more from you. - WunderkidProductions 11/06/08

excellent song! great lyrics and great vocals.. i hope some one signs you so we can hear a high production version. good job though on recording the demo it sounds alot better than some of the demo's i make. anyways its the music that matters more than production quality and the the song is top notch.. - nathan 05/23/08

This is an absolutly great song. You guy's bring so much emotion in said before, there is a lot meaning behind it. Great work, I love it. - DD 02/17/08

I ran across this song on accident and im glad i did. this is a really good song that needs to be heard. i let my friends listen to it and they love definatelt give it a 10!!! - Neva 02/14/08

This song is absolutely spectacular. The vocals make my heart skip a beat. And the music is amazing. I first heard it on a friend's MP3 player. Used two batteries playing the song repeatedly. But anyway; Like I said, the song is spectacular. Amazing work. Love it. =] - guest 08/30/06

Powerful song! Nicely done! - guest 01/12/06

Yeo like i said before hands down muh fav song and i dont even like alternmitive music like that but this song has alot of meaning behind it .... i can tell you put your hart in it and thats WHAT I CALL MUSIC - guest 11/14/05

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