song comment for Just Six Spaces

Great Song and amazing voice - respect! - PLOLL55 08/05/10

this is one of the best songs that I have heard on this site so far. most of the bands on here just aren't my style; but I can definitely say that you guys are (: just wondering when we shall be hearing of some new songs off you. hehe I'm in love with you guys (: I have recommended my mates to your site to download and promote your band. Anyway have a great day and keep being awesome! MadyRose xx. - MadyRose 07/17/10

I know we've been head to head in the charts with this song and I don't know why you're not #1. Your song is so much younger then my "Gone For The Ride".. I just want to tell you it's a good song. -rl - lodato 04/28/10

Another great song by you guys! I can see you going places AND soon! Keep this up and there is no looking back! - WunderkidProductions 11/06/08

Heck yes!! Love you guys!! - monkeybear 07/09/08

some parts are kinda boy-bandish but 4 the most part it's not bad. u have a beautiful singing voice. - smilegrl 05/05/08

You've got a good voice and this song is one of the best I've found here. - El_Zorro_Loco 02/17/08

I would love to hear more of your stuff, keep it coming - Darlene 02/14/08

man this song is amazing!!!!! - guest 04/04/06

Great Song and the production is perfect ..keep it up - guest 04/04/06

good stuff guys, keep up the good work. - guest 04/03/06

your band is absolutoly brilliant cant beleive how good you are great lyrics and perfect voice keep it up. - admin 01/24/06

great song guys...keep 'em coming! - admin 01/13/06

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