song comment for The All Starz

Damn You're Like My Favorite Band At The Moment {And Have Been For the talent few monthh ;) } Awesome Songg =) -- Dekota'Rawrr..Biatchh x - Dekota'Rawwrr ...Biaattchh 05/16/09

nice music u guys willl get signed in no time - RLB 05/16/09

fab song guys, how come ur unsigned!?! - xxbeccaxx 07/05/08

I like all of your songs specificly this one i think that u r better than most of the **** in the top 20 official songs n stuff. Gd music bring out some more great songs soon =) - Steven 05/30/08

You guys are pretty dang good. Im listen to your song right now. - Famousface 05/26/08

you guys are amazing,you should so get signed without a doubt.awesome music,love it.keep it up,reach for the stars. - Underdogg 05/23/08

You guys have got talent, keep it up. - 09kams 03/13/08

like it... nice - viene 02/28/08

a fucking great song i love it - mr_big_shot 10/26/06

F***KING AWEOSME!!!!!....great use of words i guess.! - guest 07/05/06

You'll be on the soundtrack to the next American Pie movie without fail ;) Very 182esque. You've got the talent. - guest 05/24/06

Hey Vicky ere frm uk (16) u lot rock, shud come ova ere n play in newcastle or summin u'ld def score big points ere. LOVE V X - guest 02/20/06

Well what can i say, this song is amazing, - guest 02/18/06

kwl song im likin this!!! - guest 12/22/05

ypu guys are awsome really enjoyed this song..well i enjoyed all ur songs. - admin 12/12/05

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