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CJM Cris Jo Mirale

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CJM Cris Jo Mirale
CJM Cris Jo Mirale Bio:

Im an U.S.O. (Unidentified Singing Object)
E.T.'s hidden brother !!!
unprOdictable artist
singer-drummer (dreamer?) in a rock band in 1963/65
then I stopped it all for 35 years (GULP!!)
my numbers are in very various styles...I can make any music from rock to salsa...
the most of my songs were created in 1965/68
but i create many new ones (200 ready to come ! !)...
I compose all the musics aloneand quite all the lyrics
but the guitar's solos are performed by virtuoso friends of mine
Im a frenchy,so be indulgent (or lol) with my english own way of singing.
Im still and yet CRAZY / FULL-FOOL / MAD.and proud of it ! ! !
YYEEAARRGGHHTT!!!(my rallying scream) ! !
Have good FUN when listening to my miscellaneous stuff !
More infos and music on my site :

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main title of my CD in english.Latin dancing song.Floran Galeotti on lead guitar.