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13miles Bio:

13 MILES bio
13 Miles has all of the ingredients of a solid,
heavy metal band with guitar riffs that will blow your
mind, hard heavy bass lines, double-bass that will
kick your **** and the growling screams from the depths
of Las Vegas, Nevada. 13 Miles has only been
formed for the past two years, but these Vegas boys
have been playing music together for many years. Three
out of the five 13 Miles members, are from the
original Hemlock line-up and are showing all of that
talent and experience now through 13 Miles.
Mike Johns (lead vocals), was the lead guitar player
for Hemlock for ten years. He has been on the road for
five plus years, touring with acts such as Slayer,
Chimairai Hed p.e, Soulfly, System of a Down, Otep,
Danzig, and many others. He has been endorsed by
Randall amps, ESP guitars, EMG pickups, Jagermeister
music tours, Sit strings, DVS shoe company and Beat
down clothing. Mike johns brings an aggressive yet
melodic vocal display to 13 miles.
Jerry Walker (drummer), was also in the band Hemlock.
drumming on their last album, Bleed the dream. He
toured on the road for three years playing with acts
like Slayer Soulfly, Slipknot, Otep, Hed p.e, Six feet
under, Saliva, Fear Factory, and many others. He also
toured with Jagermeister for three years. He also
played in the Las Vegas Blue Man Group show for a
year. He has been endorsed by Vic firth, Zildjian
cymbals, and DVS shoe company. He brings the
creativity of a jazz/metal drum style, with an in your
face double kick and has a very energetic and visual
Lance Swain (lead/rhythm guitar), was in the band
Columbyne. They toured on the 2002 Vans Warped Tour.
He also toured with Brother Lynch Hung, and Doomsday
Productions on the plague tour. He has also played
studio guitar tracks for Ice-T, and
produced/engineered hundreds of groups at both local
and national levels. He also has owned his own studio
for 8 years. He is endorsed by Randall amps, Washburn
guitars, Vinci strings, and line 6. He brings energy
to the band with his live performance, leads, and and
overall aggressive guitar playing.
Richard Burnett (bass guitar) was also in Hemlock. He
is a founding member and has been on two of their full
length albums (Shutdown/Controlance) . He is a lead
guitar player turned bass player and has been writing
music for 15 plus years. He has played on shows with
acts like DRI, Papa Roach, Testament, and Suicidal
Tendencies. Richard has a very aggressive live
performance and playing style and brings it to every
show 13 Miles plays.
Ron Thailkill (lead/rhythm guitars) has been playing
guitar for 12 years. He has played in the band
Dripline, and he is currently sponsored by Randall
amps. Ron works hard every week writing new music for
13 Miles and is very passionate about hisplaying.
He brings an awsome performance to every show
he plays and uses every inch of the stage he is on.
They are more than just a heavy metal band, they are
diverse friends, each bringing something different to
the table. 13 Miles will blow your mind onstage,
with their talent, enthusiasm, energy and heart. Don't
miss a chance to see these boys rock !!!!!

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