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The Green October Project Volume I is the brainchild of Harrison “Harry Baba “ Nwozo Jr., President and CEO of the Maryland based promotions and marketing company Tribe X Entertainment, LLC. The mission of The Green October Project is to showcase the arts and talents of local Nigerian Hip Hop artists in the USA. The Volume I compilation focuses on several Nigerian Hip Hop artists living in or around the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The Green October Project Volume I artists are: Madarocka, Pa J, SKI, El Dee, Stevano U.G.O, Lil’ Ayo, Shoboy, Tolumide, Big Lu, Damask, Banky, Amplifyd, China Okasi, and Abiodun Koya.

Harry Baba’s inspiration for the Compilation CD originally comes from his early love for African High life music, African Reggae, African Jazz, Afro Funk and music by the Legendary Fela Kuti. In early 2001, Harrison developed a keen interest in Nigerian Hip-Hop and R & B. He formed relationships with several local Nigerian R & B and Hip Hop artists; most specifically, Banky Wellington and Ike “SKI” Ejim. Harrison realized the great opportunity that existed in the Nigerian Hip Hop scene in America. Thus, Tribe X Entertainment, LLC was established in 2001. The company was formed to promote, market and brand Nigerian artists, events, parties, movie premieres, picnics, and concerts.

The Green October Project in itself shows that African Unity is not a dream but a reality. We have artists on the compilation from different cultures and backgrounds working together on this project to reach a common goal. The artists on the Project also differ in style and genre of music. There is smooth and rugged Nigerian Hip-Hop, Nigerian Reggae and Dancehall, Nigerian Gospel Hip Hop, Afro/Highlife Beats and Nigerian flavored R & B.

There is currently a growing “African Hip Hop”, and more specifically, a “Nigerian Hip Hop” movement existing in the world today. Tribe X Entertainment and the artists on the Green October Project Volume I are merely contributing their share to the African Hip Hop Revolution. Their goal is to make the movement more accessible to fans that may otherwise not have access to this genre of music.

With this Compilation CD we hope to help take Nigerian Hip-Hop to the next level and closer to world recognition. We all have a responsibility to get Nigerian Hip-Hop music out to the masses. It is as simple as taking a Nigerian Hip Hop CD to work and letting people listen to it. The Green October Project is the ideal Nigerian hip hop compilation that comprises different genres of music representing all that is Nigeria.

Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo, Jr.
Tribe X Entertainment, LLC
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