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I wrote my first song 'Screaming Inside' when I was 14. It was supposed to be a poem, and a friend of mine told me, 'Hey, you can actually turn that into a song!". And since then, other than writing the words, I compose my own music and found out I really like doing it. Not long after that, I want my music to be heard. Not given a chance to perform, I decided to record some of my songs. I started recording with a computer and a headphone as a microphone. Yes, it works! Try it. And it turned out to be the crappiest quality of recordings. Of course, I bought a microphone after that. I got myself a recording software and began recording better quality songs. And that's where I come from. The songs you hear here and all recorded in my room, can't afford to go for professional studios, so bear with that lack of quality =) I write many different kinds of songs. Different genres, different approach lyrically. I went for my first piano lesson when I was around 7. Hated it. Cried every single time I'm about to go and pay my teacher a visit. So my mom decided to let me stop. How happy was I! On top of the world! After a few years when I turned 12, I began learning the piano again. It was better this time, I enjoyed my lessons (my piano teacher performed a magic trick each time I played a piece correctly). I went for my Grade 8 last year, and ahh, failed it. But yeah, I was way nervous and I barely practice my scales (they are so boring). I got my first guitar when I was around 16. Learnt it myself and it has helped so much in my songwriting, seeing most of my songs are written in the middle of the night, my parents would slaughter me if I use the piano. Well, I play a bit of drums too. I'm just an average player in all of those. But yeah, I'm still trying to get better. It's so hard to make people to appreciate your music. Imagine those you spent hours and hours writing, recording, they just listen once and only that one time and forget if that song even exist! Yeah, it happens huh? But for those who really put on your earphones and listen to my music, I thank you, sincerely and from the bottom of my honest heart. *smiles* I hope to meet friends and fans and fellow singers and songwriters here. Your comments will be deadly appreciated. Another smiley, =D. There you go.