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Flatt Tin Roof

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Flatt Tin Roof
Flatt Tin Roof Bio:

After a chance meeting during the early years, J and Adie met C.C Smith. It was during the days of snap and vanilla ice, they decided to make a stand against 90s music! Picking up intrsuments during high school, practicing in a dark bedroom in a Rothwell villa, raised on a combination of Therapy? Pink floyd, MC Hammer and Rage against the machine they made their stand, with a lil help from J's cousin Daz filling in on bass

However, then disaster took hold, and the band collapsed. Outside influences tore the band apart and the world believed it had lost one of its most promising talents.. But then...

2005 Arrived. More than 5 years after putting down their instruments, in a chance meeting in the sort of concert pit you'd expect the law to ban J, Adie and C.C decided to put the band back together. A one off wedding gig ensued under the name "Hot Tin Roof" where J's beloved wife and talented singer Louise appeared on vocals and Adie swapped his guitar for Bass. With a new found hunger for music, J, Adie and C.C formed the now Flatt Tin Roof and once more made their stand. Musically more mature,professional and aware than their humble beginnings.

Can the band wagon's engine last to the end of the road? Or will they collapse once more under explosive circumstances? It'll be one hell of a ride, so stay tuned to this website and future gigs to find out.

And hey, dont miss out on where it all began! It wasn't FTR's best gig to date, but hey, it was the first, so for a return to the roots, a future collectors item and a look at how it all began

The guys currently are around the web, mainly at the myspace account -
But they can be found on google. Just dont forget the Three T's!

Flatt Tin Roof have put together one demo so far, with another due soon. These boys have enjoyed rocking up some venues around the West Yorkshire area including the Primrose, Atrium, Cardigan Arms, Adelphi and Mixing Tin, recieving a rapturous welcome from the crowds.

But will they up and chase after the world Or stay true to their Yorkshire roots? Who knows. But One thing's for sure, Flatt Tin Roof are back, and better than ever!

Its Serious Passion! In a Musical Fashion!

"One for me LIVE" » Pop Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Flatt Tin Roof - One for me LIVE  » play hi-fi
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Earlier this year the song was described by Radio 1's upcoming talent show as a mixture of early Van Morrison meets the Beatles during a walk to see the football!

Now theres a comment!

"Dreamscapes" » Fusion 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Flatt Tin Roof - Dreamscapes  » play hi-fi
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A new song from the Flatt Tin Roof boys, which blended a mixture of drum beats, beginning in an early David Gilmour theme and progressing to a Bon Jovi rock chorus!

So far not reviewed comercially, but due to be in the forseeable future!

"March to Glory LIVE!" » Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Flatt Tin Roof - March to Glory LIVE!  » play hi-fi
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A military themed song, taken from a mixture of early rock influences including Supergrass and combining them with the classic FTR rock style.

A new one, awaiting commercial comments

"Dame Judy Dench" » Indie 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Flatt Tin Roof - Dame Judy Dench  » play hi-fi
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Interesting new one regarding Dame Judy Dench. Inspired by a few too many James Bond movies perhaps, the Roofsters reel off a sound similar to more recent Supergrass, with a mixture of an early Rolling Stones meets The Beach Boys.

"Contradiction" » Industrial 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Flatt Tin Roof - Contradiction  » play hi-fi
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As so often has been the case in musical history, the inspiration comes from a beautiful girl, and a BIG argument!
We've seen linkin park talk of the end, eric clapton talk of layla, now the Roofsters talk about their experience.

Check it out! Expect it out in itunes soon!