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Genre: Melodic Death/Hardcore Metal
Got Formed In: 2006
Location: Nazareth, Israel.

Vocalist: Jozeph Farran
Lead Guitar: Fadi Mabjish
Rhythm Guitar: Firas Nadaf
Bass guitar: Mike Kardosh (Jiryis)
On Drums: Fares Salem
Keyboard: Sharbel Abu Sene

- Chaos Metal Band got formed in 2006 by these amazing guys without the vocalist in a strange, cool way. It's started back then in July 2006when a famous website wanted to do an article about the style of metal music and the metalist people. They searched around until they found these five friends from Nazareth, whom metal was their life, they way they live, type of cloth they wore, the way they think and express their feelings and the way every one play on his instrument was unbelievable.
- They interviewed them, the website also published some photos and video of them playing guitars, drums, bass guitar… it was a cool article.
For some unknown reason the website made a mistake in the article by writing about them that they are a band called "MetalisTeam" which they weren’t, they only meant that they are a metal guys also a close friends as a team they were, hang out together partying together.
- This Mistake the website had made kept running inside their minds, until someday they thought for real that it will great to perform a band, at last they formed a band called Chaos in August, 2006. They started playing together, working on some singles… but they missed a vocalist. Later after a month, they found the missing voice in Chaos in their friend Joseph… the band got completed in September, 2006.
- Even the band was new they did for real blow up minds; they started playing covers for Metallica and Iron Maiden, However, they also started working on some singles for them… they finished three singles in 2006 :
1) Vision (2006)
2) Hell Plays (2006)
3) Children Of Naz (as Nazareth) (2006)
- Chaos didn’t expect to find an opportunity for them to play live on stage so soon, but lucky for the band a concert planner heard them playing got really insane by their talent,
This Friend has decided to hire the band to play live at a party he arranged for Christmas at the Plaza Hotel, Nazareth Illit, and So on 25/12/2006 Chaos finally crashed the stage for the first time in Carisma Party, and earned a lot of fans from the north area. That’s was a first, big step for Chaos.
-From then Chaos claim their style as Melodic Death/Hardcore Metal
They released three officially singles in 2007 (Studio Recording)… as Melodic Death/Hardcore Metal:
1) Chaos – Chaos (2007)
2) Chaos – Hell Road (2007)
3) Chaos – Brave Free Souls (2007)
Chaos now are working on their first album to publish it hopefully in summer, 2007 (HeLL RoaD)… also to continue crashing stages all over the country… and that’s only the beginning of the next legend that has been just awaken … "CHAOS".

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