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Norman Lamont

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Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont Bio:

Norman Lamont marks the release of his highly anticipated debut album 'The Wolf Who Snared The Moon'.

Lamont, a considerable force on the Edinburgh acoustic music scene, offers a fine selection of well crafted and intricate compositions. Drawing a wide range of audiences, Norman Lamont's songs are quirky but instantly memorable, bearing lyrics that are by turns funny, articulate and spiritual. Sometimes described as a surrealist, Lamont's songs overflow with vivid imagery.

Spirits hover above a couple making love, wolves stand in the shadows, the jilted find eyeballs in unexpected places and Bob Dylan wanders through a landscape of Dylan clones. The arrangements are based on guitars and strings, quirky and always catchy, ranging from rock to haunting ambient.

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Surreal tale of two - or is it three? - Dylans.