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My Arcade

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My Arcade
My Arcade Bio:

Were an electro/rock quartet from the Berkhamsted area (herts) all aged 18.
Just earlier this year we gave up on the standard line up of two guitars, drummer, bass player etc, deciding to go with something a bit more experimental and more importantly something that related more to our own music tastes and preferences.

We stared using programmed digital beats and live synthesis to create a more electronic and regimented vibe. We have been playing in different bands and projects together for a couple of years now but have only recently come to find the sound we were looking for. With just finishing writing the new e.p and having played a number of successful shows we are now looking to expand our live scene all over the country. We have a number of shows booked all across London and the South-East. Currently working with DJ Colin Dale (Abstrakt records, fabric, electroniks) and trying to conquer the club scene as well as the live scene. Also in the process of doing business with Parlophone, and hoping to have the new e.p finished asap.

The band consists of

Josh - vox
Liam - keys/synth
Ryu - guitar
Chris - bass guitar

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