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151 Feva Gang

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151 Feva Gang
151 Feva Gang Bio:

151 Feva Gang ... the New Face of New Jersey!
Leaders of The "New" Jersey Movement .... Originators of The "Screw" Jersey Movement .... and certified as the regions #1 unsigned artists: 151 Feva Gang has independently etched their way into the NJ history books!

Denaro Da Don
Killa Kherk

151 Feva Gang started out as a local crew from the slums of Essex County (Newark, Irvington, and East Orange). As the gang epidemic began to terrorize NJ's inner cities, 151 held down their position as the throwdest, wildest, and most influential click in the area. Locally, they dominated the party and club scenes, as the movement spread from the street to high school and college campuses. By 2005, frequent run-ins with the law prompted Feva Gang to direct their energies towards music. Drawing equal influence from the urban decay of Essex County, the "chopped and screwed" movement of Houston, TX, and the energy of Memphis' "get buck" sound, 151 Feva Gang developed their own brand of East Coast music. Despite having a limited musical background, the crew saw their sound quickly accepted, and almost instantly copied by other local crews.

2006 saw the release of Feva Gang's debut mixtape, New Jersey Drive. which primarily featured members Killa Kherk and Denaro Da Don. The disc spawned local favorites "Beat 'Em Down Stomp Em Out" and "Beatin' Down The Block" and solidified their status as Jersey's "next big thing." After adding third member and Alabama native, Black, in 2007, they followed up with Deal or No Deal, a full length street album over all original production. Featuring certified hits like "Shakin My Dreads", "Dueces N Traes", and "Fully Strapped" Deal Or No Deal is taking the Feva craze from a local phenomenon to a national level. From Duval County Florida to the ATL and the Bay Area all the way to Dallas and Houston, TX, Feva Gang has made fans with their patented sound. Both releases were completed independently and have given 151 Feva Gang the undisputed crown in New Jersey with less than 2 years of musical experience under their belt. 151 Feva Gang as already recognized as the next big thing from the Garden State. A&R's better take heed before it's too late!

"Fully Strapped featuring Eazy E" » Rap 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Jersey Classic ... featuring Eazy E and produced by Higher Than Man along with 151 Feva Gang. This song embodies that Brick City ****!    

"Shakin My Dreads" » Rap 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This is the #1 song in New Jersey right now! Ask around ... Essex County Stand Up!!!!    

"Dueces n Traes" » Rap 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
151 Feva Gang - Dueces n Traes  » play hi-fi
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Produced by Higher Than Man Productions. this song has a nationwide buzz as well as on the Jersey Underground and gets regular plays on Power 96.5FM in New Jersey