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Ronson Kiplin

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Ronson Kiplin
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Hello there,my name is Ronson Kiplin and i'm a singer/songwriter from Hull N.Humberside my main influences are of coutry folk rock music such as Neil young,Bob Dylan,Gram parsons and anything else 60/70's i also mix these influences with the britrock sound of the 90's with such bands as Oasis,Happy Mondays,Stone Roses,Inspiral carpet,Cast to name a few,i'm am also fasinated with anything from woodstock and the early hippy movements of the 60's and of course Elvis,Bob Marley,The Doors,The Who,Free,Pink Floyd so i have a good range of music to mix up and create my sound and songs.I have 5 wonderful children and have been married for 10 years,i'm currently promoting my music around the u.k mainly playing Manchester and London but i'm planning a tour for the end of summer.

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