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DJ Zebular

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DJ Zebular
DJ Zebular Bio:

Back in the days this DJ hated listening to music, when he was about 7 years old, he only listening to Classical music and then he turned 8...He started listening to hip-hop and downloaded some hip-hop via P2P. Then when he was 9 he started getting into other kinds of music like techno, and he made a little studio in the corner of his room. It had little speakers all around him, and he blasted it. Not knowing in the future he will be a full on DJ for party and live radio shows. He then turned 16 and with his birthday money he spent it on one turntables. And me made little mixes and he had a series of computer speakers strapped onto a bar stand. He bought a mixer. And then girls came along and inspire him even more to DJ. He bought another one by over washing this girls car. (about 4 times a week). So then he got the job done and he bought another turntables and then BAM! Everyone knew about the DJing. He got loaded with money and bought a synthesizer a drum machine, a Vocoder, and a better mixer. And now today DJ Zebular is mixing, scratching, and producing electronic beats.