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Amberly Park

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Amberly Park
Amberly Park Bio:

Aiming To Give A Bit Of Hope And A Chance For Change

Amberly Park takes off with soft acoustics and drifting piano backed by melodic singing and emotional harmonies. In early 2007 there first chart topping song "People Say We'll Laugh About This One Day" hit fans everywhere, shortly followed by "Valentine Affection" . Moving somewhere between Taking Back Sunday and Saosin unplugged, their catchy melodies quickly grab listeners and have them singing along. In November they will be hitting the studios recording their first EP (yet to be titled) and hope everyone will enjoy the final project!

Xavier DeCardenas, and Cody Welsh make up the band Amberly Park. Xavier and Cody met in December of 2006 in a former hardcore band " As Graceful Burning". With a passion for acoustic melodies and a love for the emo-indie rock style they formed Amberly Park. Drew Rios, who does most of the art work for the band was also in the group as backing guitarist. Both members are currently attending high-school at a performing art-school. They are dedicated in music and plan to make it for the passion of writing the songs.

Amberly Park has just began playing out live. They have opened for bands like Luke Davids and Skyblind.

"People Say We'll Laugh About This One Day" single is now on sale!

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