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Jeff Roach

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Jeff Roach
Jeff Roach Bio:

I grew up in Eustis, Florida, which is a small town about 30 miles northwest of Orlando. While growing up, country and gospel music were always an important part of my life. As a teenager I sang at church functions, school talent shows, and some local events.

After being married for a few years I joined the Army and spent four years in Alaska with my wife and two boys. After leaving the military we moved back to Florida, but the experiences we shared together while being so far from home, inspired me to continue writing songs.

When I write a song I always want the song to reflect the reality of life, and for people to be moved by what they hear.

The songs I have included here have a patriotic theme and I hope show the pride and respect I have for all the men and women who do the things that are necessary to keep us safe here at home

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