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Red River

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Red River
Red River Bio:

Red River became a band in 2003, when two very independent and diverse artists (who happen to be husband and wife) realized that if they combined their efforts, they could create a unique sound that people would like.

Shelly grew up on a farm in the Red River Valley of Minnesota. The isolation of living in the country fostered her creativity, and she spent many hours exploring back roads and reveling in the quiet of the countryside. As a child, she soaked up all the songs her dad listened to, and formed some favorites of her own as well. She was always torn between the Country sounds that she loved and the ‘60’s rock songs that were exploding all over the radio. So, she has a wide array of musical influences, most importantly, Merle Haggard, but also Buck Owens and Ray Price, plus artists such as Roy Orbison and The Beatles.

David grew up in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His childhood days were spent exploring the Mississippi River and most especially the train yards. His early influences were the rock bands of the ‘60’s, such as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and his icon, Bob Dylan. He played in bands from the age of 16, and later, worked as a solo artist and songwriter.

When David and Shelly began working together, they found that with Shelly’s lyrics and David’s production, they could turn the songs into something special, incorporating the simplicity of the lyrics with unexpected arrangements. They call their music, “Alternative Country”, because it most certainly draws upon their combined influences.

Red River’s CD, “Sparrow”, was released in May of 2006.

Red River can be found at They would love for you to visit their site and drop them a line.

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Sights and sounds of the city at night.    

"Ghost Town" » Alternative Country 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This is Red River's most requested song.    

"Let's Go To Town" » Country Traditional 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Let's forget our troubles and GO TO TOWN!