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divine ashes

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divine ashes
divine ashes Bio: the winter of 1999,divine ashes was officially born but with other name..executor..and at that time we just play malay local black metal cover songs....but due to line up problem,this band officially change their name into divine ashes..and still the line up keep changing and until now,we all still dont have our own drummer..and that`s really f**K!!!...while all other make peter pan or simple plan or usher or paris hilton(hahaha..) as their music influenced,we all managed to change our music into death metal with a little bit of metal core and after that we record a single called "dead roses for emily"...hmmm...

current line up:
bearoun-the fat baldy shredder
jagung-the skinny corn teeth blaster
cik ita-the 4 eyed 4 string holder and screamer
future line up:Azharina(he`s a guy actually)-the big stomach grinder

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