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Zach Steward

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Zach Steward
Zach Steward Bio:
Zach Steward, world-renowned singer-songwriter, got his start in the music world with the project Turn Off November. After releasing one album, Preventing Prevalence, in June 2006, he went on hiatus for a few months. In September, he put Turn Off November on hold and returned to song writing as a solo artist. Throughout the past six months, he has released numerous songs; one of which is played daily on a west coast radio station. Zach Steward is a unique blend of indie acoustic rock and meaningful, catchy lyrics that will appeal to anyone with ears. He has also been known to make humourous videos about his adventures with music and life. In the near future, Zach will be releasing his latest album, The Definition, and will be playing shows with The Emblem (which is a band he is also involved with) and other local bands.