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It all started in April 2006, when the founding members Rory and Dan thought 'Lets make a band' and asked Nick Waldren to come in on Bass, Adam to come in on Vocals and Nick Clark to come in on drums. They hit it off, covering songs from bands such as Sepultura, System of a Down, Machine Head and Slipknot, and just as they started to write they're own material, Nick Waldren decided he wanted to leave the band for personal reasons (there is no bad blood between them) and so they asked Tinks to come in on bass, having seen him perform in the band Dusk-In-Exile, and Dan and Rory being friends with him. Tinks accepted, and now they are well on their way to making songs to dominate the Metal scene, with the help of their newest member, Holli on the keyboard.

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