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Rich Lipski

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Rich Lipski
Rich Lipski Bio:

Rich Lipski is a singer-songwriter from the south central Pennsylvania area. Influenced by a diverse group of artists such as the Beatles, Jack Johnson, The Clash, Bob Marley, Rich has developed a sound that is best described as acoustic rock with a punk attitude.

Rich Lipski began his music career playing bass for the band STRIVE. STRIVE spent 3 years developing a loyal fan base in the area. Shortly after releasing their debut cd “Take Five”, STRIVE broke up. Feeling the acoustic calling again, Rich created the open mic night at The Oxford Inn Towne in New Oxford, PA. From there, Rich began playing several bars, clubs and parties in the area, keeping many STRIVE fans and earning new ones along the way.

Rich’s act includes a variety of cover songs from the 60’s through today. Many songs are reworked into Rich’s own personal style. One set can include anything from Tom Petty to the Ramones; from Pink Floyd to Snoop Dogg; from the Beatles to Rancid. Along with these covers, Rich plays songs from his growing repertoire of original songs. With lyrics ranging from politics and world affairs to personal relationships and internal conflicts, Rich’s songs can find an audience with anyone.

At the moment, Rich Lipski is beginning to put a cohesive, organized plan into action. He is currently finishing recording a demo of cover songs in order to get more paying gigs. He is also recording his originals and plans to independently release a cd of original material in the summer/fall of 2007. Rich has also been active on the internet through his myspace page. With a growing amount of local support, Rich is hoping to fill the clubs and bars in the area. In order to gain wider exposure, Rich’s original song, “What’s It All About” will be featured on the upcoming compilation cd “CHILL OUT VOL 4” released by Quickstar Productions in Baltimore, MD.

The future looks bright for Rich Lipski. His originals are solid, his covers are interesting and his live show is entertaining. Stop by his website or email for more info.

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