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Yung Ceza

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Yung Ceza
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Born in Charity Hospital July 31st in 1988 was a boy whom name today you call "Yung Ceza" started writing songs at a very young age. When he made the age of 15 thats when things got serious; he was in and out of the studio with his group the Youngn'z. Due to some minor issues within the group they're cd never dropped and Yung Ceza went solo and began to feature on various artist mixtapes and songs. He then soon after dropped his own March 15, 2008 titled "Crowd Plzer Volume 1" and things have been looking up from there; from multiple plays on myspace,interviews, and etc.

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I always wanted to do a Nextel song so asoon as I went brought one I wrote the hook for it. Then the next day I did my verse and put my round Kd Williams on there.